You want to find good clients. Even better, you want good clients to find you.

The truth is, good clients want to find you. They’re already looking.

I can help you connect with them.


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I help you build trust, reputation, and visibility by developing quality content that serves your audience.

It’s more than writing, it’s strategy.

I provide Audience Building for environmentally minded Businesses, Editors, and other Creative Professionals.

I also offer Fiction Editing Services, including Book Marketing related writing and editing.


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“Even editors need editors! I’ve been taking advantage of Abby’s editing services for some guest blog posts that I’ve written. As an editor myself, I know how important it is to have someone objectively review what I write. I trust Abby to identify places where my writing lacks energy or clarity. She is good at catching on to what I’m trying to say and supportively showing me how I can say it better.”

-Lee Ann Bisulca, Owner of Illuminations Editing.

Clear and Energetic

“Loved working with Abby! She is thorough, insightful, and timely with her edits. Even with 10+ years of writing/editing experience myself, she took things to the next level and caught things I had missed.”

Cherise Curby, Director of Design and Content at Ryan Family Marketing Group.

Next Level Writing

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I help businesses connect with their audiences and get more clients.

Not just more clients, but better clients. The kind you’re elated you were able to help.

Through developing strong content, we’ll improve your visibility and reputation, building trust with your dream clients so your business grows.

Here are some of the skills I use to help you:

  • Content for Blogs, Emails or Articles.
  • Website Evaluation and Editing
  • Consulting


Interested in being found by the people who need your help? Let’s talk.

Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy.

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I’m passionate about stories, especially adventure stories. I’m always on the hunt for a new book, a new world, a new adventure.

People want more stories, and stories want to be found. I help stories be found.

Here’s some of what I offer:

  • Beta reading
    • I read through your novel and give you a couple pages of overall feedback on plot, characters, story arc, writing style and readability.
  • Developmental editing
    • I read through your novel, or what you have so far, and offer specific feedback using the track changes function in Microsoft Word. I will also give you more in depth feedback on plot, characters, story arc, writing style and readability. Pricing varies based on the project.
  • Back cover or book description copy or copy critique/edit
  • Personal branding evaluation.


Do you have a story you’re ready to  share? Or maybe a story your ready to submit to the scalpel? Let’s talk. No obligation,  Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy.